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Buying a Property To Renovate for Profit


Whether you’re looking to buy a property to renovate for profit or transform into your ideal home. The process of renovating a property takes a lot of work (and money!), but it is rewarding in many different ways. If you’re thinking about buying a property to renovate, no matter the reason why, take a look […]

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Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make


After you’ve done the hard part of meeting with your financial advisor, getting a mortgage and buying a house, you now want to make it your own. Whether you want to go for a full house renovation or simply redecorate, there’s a lot that goes into redesigning your property into your perfect home. But, what […]

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Types of Buildings


Society is made up of a multitude of different types of buildings, for a variety of purposes and functions. Today, we’d like to explore what those types of buildings are, what functions they serve in society and how we use them in our daily lives.    10 Different Types of Buildings Office Buildings This includes […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Green Buildings


When I picture a ‘green building’, the first image that pops into my head are the buildings found in the world’s greenest city: Singapore. In particular, I think of the supertrees that make up the 250-acre Gardens by the Bay attraction. Singapore has led the way in developing green buildings and making conscious efforts to […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Barn Conversions


Many individuals living within major UK cities are relocating to the countryside in search of a simpler life. With the stresses and demands of daily modern life increasing, it’s not hard to see why many city dwellers are looking to uproot and seek out simpler pleasures life has to offer. One of these being the […]

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Where to Start Renovating First in Your House?


Whether you’re just purchased a new house, or you’re been living in it for years, when you decide to renovate your home it can be difficult to know where exactly to start. Figuring out which room you want to redo or revitalise first, or in what order, can be a challenge. If you scower the […]

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How You Can Save Money On Your Home Extension


Many of us dream about extending our home, but one of the main things that stops us in our tracks is the cost. Home extensions can be expensive, and we don’t always have extra cash lying around to splash out on a fancy new home extension (as much as we may want to!). But, home […]

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How To Choose A Builder


Unsure how to choose a builder for your next home project? Whether you’re in the market for a new home, looking to renovate, make alterations or add an extension to an existing property, finding a good reliable builder takes careful research and planning. At Cobbydale Construction Ltd, we understand it’s no simple task choosing a […]

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Home Conversions That Add Value to Your Home


Improve and Add Value To Your Living Space with a Home Conversion Do you have a room in your home which is cluttered or unused, and require additional space? If so, it might be time to think about converting that space into something new and functional. We would all like a little extra space in […]

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Renovating Your Home? Our 4 Top Tips to Energy-Efficient Home Refurbishment


Future-proof your home with our top 4 energy-efficient house refurbishment tips Upgrading your home and undergoing an energy-efficient house refurbishment is both cost-effective and great for your carbon footprint. Whether you’re currently making home improvements and would like some top tips for energy efficiency, or you’re still thinking about undergoing an eco-refurbishment, we have compiled […]

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