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Everything You Need to Know About Green Buildings

When I picture a ‘green building’, the first image that pops into my head are the buildings found in the world’s greenest city: Singapore. In particular, I think of the supertrees that make up the 250-acre Gardens by the Bay attraction. Singapore has led the way in developing green buildings and making conscious efforts to reduce and eliminate negative environmental impacts and improve the quality of life. Their eco-buildings are impressive and beautiful; the integration of concrete with natural life is something to be marvelled at. It’s futuristic, modern and positively affects the world and people’s lives living within the city.


What is a green building?

A green building is designed and constructed to reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the climate and natural environment around it. Often, these types of buildings create positive effects through the preservation of natural resources, as well as improving the quality of life. Any building, whether it’s function is as a house, office, school, hospital or something else, can be a green building.


What makes a building ‘green’?

Green buildings have certain features that distinguish it from other buildings. Firstly, they use energy, water and other resources efficiently as well as making use of renewable energy sources such as solar. A green building is constructed so that it considers the environment in its design, construction and operation. The design will enable easy adaption to a changing environment, making use of materials that are sustainable, ethical, and non-toxic.

Integrated into the design and functionality of the building, there will also be good indoor environmental air quality. Measures to reduce pollution and waste as well as enabling recycling and reusing will also be taken into account in green buildings.

Green buildings don’t follow a set guideline of rules; they are not all the same. Often, this can be due to different countries and regions incorporating a variety of characteristics into their approach to green buildings – such as climate considerations, culture, traditions, economic or social priorities and more.


What are the components of a green building?

  • Natural features worked into the planning and design, with environmental benefits
  • Develop and support the community – often giving places to meet, establishing a sense of safety and creating pedestrianised areas for residents
  • Great indoor air quality that has a significant impact on residents comfort and health
  • Excellent energy efficiency, taking advantage of renewable energy
  • Made of green high-quality materials
  • Designed to reduce, reuse and recycle waste with an efficient management system in place
  • Installing water-efficient appliances and plumbing fixtures to reduce utility bills and conserving water resources
  • Inspire residents alongside great health benefits with open floor plans, using natural light and thriving trees and plant life


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