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Why Home Extensions Are Often the Best Option

This image displays a floor plan for possible house extentions

Most people want a bit more space in their home. Be it an extra bathroom, bedroom, or a new conservatory, a large number of homeowners have grand ideas regarding what they’d love to do with their property.

One solution to this is moving. Often, though, moving, or upgrading isn’t convenient. If you love the area you live in, dread the hassle of moving house, or simply can’t bear to leave your current home, then considering an extension is definitely advisable. Here are some very simple reasons as to why home extensions are the best answer

You love your home

This is a very simple one. For many people, moving out of their old home is a difficult experience. Regardless of the hassle of hiring removal vans, stressing about last-minute paperwork, and picking up significant back injuries, homes have memories that can’t be stuffed in a van. If that is the case, but you’d still like to upgrade, then home extensions are a great alternative. From extending a room to adding an extra floor, extensions make it possible to upgrade without leaving your beloved home. At Cobbydale Construction Ltd, we understand that homes have character, and use our many years of experience to work in keeping with your property.

You have a ‘problem room’

Is there a particular room that makes you shudder every time you walk through it? Perhaps there’s an alternative to boarding it up to keep your guests out. Often, a little bit of extra space goes a long way. While an extension can seem like a daunting prospect, consider how the room might look with an extra few square feet added. Squeezing past the shower to reach the toilet doesn’t have to be something you put up with, and it definitely shouldn’t be something that affects your enjoyment of your home. If there’s a dingy bathroom or a tiny guestroom that needs some work, then Cobbydale Construction can help you out.

It adds value to your home

Home extensions are a great way to add value to your home. Extra bedrooms are always likely to bolster desirability, as pricing is often initially dictated by the number a home has. Conservatories are another very popular way of boosting a home’s price, but any additional rooms are likely to increase market value. Additional shower or bathrooms, a cellar, and making a bedroom an ensuite are all superb options and can make your home more pleasurable for you as well as making it more valuable.

Why Home Extensions Make Your Home More Enjoyable

Perhaps most obviously, adding an extension can help your home to be more enjoyable to live in. The novelty of a wet room downstairs, an extra bedroom or a new games room isn’t something that will wear off overnight. You will be able to enjoy these kinds of home extensions for as long as you live there and, if you’ve read this far, that’s probably something you’d like to do for a while! Additional space rarely makes a home look or feel worse. Clutter and tight spaces tend to cause stress, and your home is the last place you should be feeling agitated. Coming home after work and picking a path through various pieces of furniture isn’t something anyone looks forward to.

This post set out to underline some very basic reasons home extensions are both a great idea, and increasingly popular. If the majority of what has been discussed makes sense to you, or you have some early ideas about an extension, then why not get in touch with us at Cobbydale Construction Ltd? You can either reach us over the phone on 01943 630 038 (or 01535 653 530 for Keighley), or fill out an online contact form on our website. Our website also contains examples of our previous projects for you to have a look at, so feel free to check out our portfolio.