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Recent Changes to Planning Permission Regulations

Planning permission regulations

Recent Changes to Planning Permission Regulations

By now, we have all become accustomed to the planning permission regulations that were set in place by the government, stating that any kind of work on a property needs to be approved before construction takes place. However, recent changes made by the government has opened opportunities for homeowners to extend and build on their properties without the time-consuming red tape or restrictions. The government has attempted to boost new builds by easing the planning permission regulations, making it easier for people to extend and build on their properties. We have explained below the proposed changes and what this could mean for you.

Extensions- Up & Out

The recent changes on planning permission regulations allow homeowners of semi-detached and terraced houses to extend out or build on another storey, with a restriction of 8 metres. Any other form of extension that exceeds the limit will require planning and approval. Other limitations that also come with the new agreement consist side, basement, and any other kind of extension. Extensions should not cover more than half the land/ area around the existing building. The materials used will also need to be a similar appearance to the original.

Rules Cannot be Applied if:

The shift in rules will not be applicable to those who wish to extend or build on flats, maisonettes or any other kind of building that isn’t a house. Restrictions may also be applied if you live in a conservation area or listed building. If you are unsure whether you would need granted planning permission or not, you can affirm this with your planning department of the local authority or read through the ‘Government’s Planning Portal for clarification.

What you can do without planning permission

Although there are a few restrictions introduced by the new planning permission regulations, you can still do plenty to your home. For example, you could still remodel the interior of your house, install solar panels, install garden decking, build a swimming pool, build a shed or summer house, create a parking area, use agricultural land, or use an outbuilding as a home office. Clearly, the new regulations don’t prevent you from improving your home at all, despite the shift towards a slightly stricter overall stance.


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