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What To Remember For Your Victorian House Renovation

victorian house renovation

Victorian House Renovation

Many Victorian houses were erected with the flood of human population and increasing wealth generated by the industrial revolution. More housing was needed so houses were set close together to provide more room. Internally, Victorian house characteristics consist of high ceilings, big sash windows, and many other beautiful period features that still look attractive and are just as desirable today. Cobbydale Construction shares their advice on how to succeed in managing a Victorian House Renovation, whilst protecting the original features.

There is a lot to love about Victorian builds as they have a lot of potential and space to work with. Restoring an older building that was structured around 150 years ago requires a lot of work and maintenance and the work, builders and materials are only half of the battle.

Identify the Space

Although many Victorian buildings can be close together, they hold a lot of space inside, and a lot of space to work with. The typical Victorian terrace house boasts big living rooms, high ceilings, long corridors and large windows. The backbone of the house has enough potential for you to renovate your property in many ways. Standard improvements you can make within your Victorian House Renovation could be:

-Kitchen and dining room extension
-Basement conversion
-Loft conversion
-Bathroom Revamp
-Knocking through walls to create more open space

Many Victorian houses were built with cellars and have high pointed roofs, revealing a lot of space for potential conversions.

Protect Period Details

Some of the gorgeous period details within Victorian houses are still admired today. Instead of completely demolishing the property, restoring original features in the house can instantly brighten up your home and create a sense of character. Your Victorian house renovation should aim to preserve and protect details in order to get the most out of what your Victorian house has to offer. Some of these beautiful details that you can consider preserving could be, geometric tiled hallways, high-pitched roof, fireplaces, sash windows, bay windows, wooden flooring and stained-glass windows. Refreshing the windows, but keeping the same sash feature, cleaning up the hallway tiles, or replacing them for a fresher colour, sanding over flooring and cleaning up the original fireplaces can help revive and aesthetically strengthen the house.

Improve the Interiors

As important as the backbone of the Victorian house renovation may be. Improving and freshening up your interiors of the house can be just as important. Some ways you can improve the interiors could be:

-Recreation of a period kitchen by utilising the original features of the house, and incorporating modern factors as well as keeping some of the classic Victorian characteristics.

-Re-vamping your doors. Many door brands and companies have huge selections of ‘period doors’ that compliment Victorian builds but still manage to look contemporary and fresh.

-Painting, a simple paint job can really help to stimulate and restore a room. A glossy white coverage painted over original skirting boards, ceiling coving and other period details can enhance the colours on the walls, make the room look bigger and complement the house.


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