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3 Inventive Ways of Converting Your Basement

3 Inventive Ways To Convert Your Basement

Ever thought of using that space underneath your house? Here at Cobbydale Construction Ltd, we’ve seen plenty of innovative, creative basements in our time, so thought we’d share some ideas with you.
Converting your basement is a brilliant way of extending your home easily, without the hassle of having to actually build anything. There are plenty of ways of doing exactly, that too; let’s take a look at some options.

Fitness suite

If you’re into your fitness, why not avoid paying gyms an extortionate amount of money every month? Sure, you may have to make some initial one-off payments to purchase the equipment (perhaps a workout bench, some weights, and a rowing machine for starters), but once you’ve done that you’re good to go. You’d be amazed at just how effective working out at home can be with a small-ish amount of equipment. Believe it or not, that daily pilgrimage to the local gym doesn’t have to be an intrinsic part of staying fit. Set up a fitness suite in your basement, and you can work out at your leisure at a time that suits you.

Home cinema

This one uses similar logic to our previous idea: why leave your home to pay money when you could stay in and get the same experience? If you love going to the cinema simply for the whole big screen, darkened room experience, you can easily achieve much the same effect in a home cinema. You might not be able to watch the latest films until they’re released on DVD, but who cares about that? You’ve even got the option of adding your own popcorn, investing in some seriously comfy chairs, and completing the experience.



If your child is anything like the next, they’re probably going to have a fair few toys. That’s all well and good, but it can become a bit of an issue if all of those toys become scattered around every single room in the house. It makes sense, therefore, to give your child a designated play area. Obviously, that’s not to say the rest of the house should become a “no toy” zone, but a place where they can be stored could help keep things in order a little more …

And plenty more …

Essentially, we’ve offered a peak into the wonderful world of basement conversions. You can do pretty much whatever you want with the extra space – we’d just advise you to ensure that yours is usable!
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