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Stay put in Silsden: Why You Shouldn’t Be Looking to Move

We’ve discussed the reasons you should opt for a home extension in one of our previous blog posts, but it’s time to get more specific. If you’re a customer of ours, or you’ve heard about us through a recommendation and have ended up on our site, you’re probably not too far away from Silsden and the surrounding areas.

Here, we’re aiming to get across just how fantastic it is living here in West Yorkshire. In doing so, we’re hoping we can further persuade you that extending your home really is a better option than relocating. We’ve narrowed everything down to four concise points as to why you should stay put

Cost to stay put

An image of money, here symbolising the cheap nature of living in West yorkshire

Top of the list is cost (that’s right, we know where our priorities lie). Comparing Yorkshire with some of the more southern regions of the country from a cost perspective makes it abundantly clear that the further south you go, the more money you’ll have to part with if you were to stay put.

Okay, so that’s not always the case, but comparing your average costs in West Yorkshire with those in London will make it clear just how expensive the simple things in life can be! It’s not just London, either; large cities are expensive. Living in a more rural part of Northern England definitely saves on day-to-day expenses.

The stunning scenery

An image of the Yorkshire Dales, one of the biggest advantages of living in areas such as Silsden, Ilkley, and Keighley

West Yorkshire is a truly stunning part of the country. We needn’t travel far for the sights, either; the Yorkshire Dales begin under 10 miles away from places like Keighley and Silsden, making it incredibly easy to visit the rolling hills and beautiful English countryside pretty much whenever you want.

With that kind of scenery on your doorstep, what could possibly succeed in luring you away?

The people

An image of a handshake, here used to represent the friendly nature of the people of West Yorkshire

It’s a stereotype, sure, but these kinds of generalisations always have some truth behind them. The same can be said for the idea that the people of Yorkshire are a friendly bunch. They’ll happily strike up a conversation with you, and will be content talking to you for hours about pretty much anything.

It’s always difficult to actually qualify claims such as these, but have a think about it. Barring the odd grumpy local, it’s probably safe to assume most of the people you know are pretty friendly – all the more reason to stay put.

The pubs

An image of the Cow and Calf Pub, in Ilkley

This one combines all of our previous points, but what piece about an area of England would be complete without the mention of pubs and restaurants? The county is renowned for its traditional public houses, wonderful meals, and delicious local craft ales. Ilkley, in fact, is home to The Ilkley Brewery Company Ltd, which provides for a number of different pubs throughout the area.

Some people travel the length and breadth of the country in search of the perfect pub experience. If you live here, doing so would simply be a waste of time and effort; it’s on your doorstep!

So, why move?

If you hadn’t already made up your mind, hopefully our whistle-stop tour through the wonders of West Yorkshire will have convinced you to stay put. If you do happen to live in Silsden, Ilkley, Keighley, or any of the areas nearby, then you’re a very lucky person!

Let’s be honest, though … you hadn’t ever really considered it, had you?