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Where to Start Renovating First in Your House?

Whether you’re just purchased a new house, or you’re been living in it for years, when you decide to renovate your home it can be difficult to know where exactly to start. Figuring out which room you want to redo or revitalise first, or in what order, can be a challenge. If you scower the internet you will find various different lists, and orders of what part should be carried out first or last; it can be a complete minefield to know where to start renovating first.

At Cobbydale Construction Ltd, we’re a team of builders who carry out house renovations in the local area of West Yorkshire and have years of experience. With this in mind, we’d like to offer our two cents worth, and chime in on the conversation of where you should start first when renovating a house.


What order should you renovate a house?


There is no right or wrong answer, many people carry out different tasks first or last. As the sequence of events differ slightly from person to person, our main piece of advice is to make sure that you have a thorough and well-thought out plan. If you plan and think about both the big and little things when it comes to a home renovation then that can go a long way when trying to keep things on budget.

As there is no set way of carrying out a home renovation, some people start with the kitchen while others end with finishing the flooring. As a loose 7-point guide for room renovations, you could follow this:


1. Assess your house and make a list of priorities; be methodical and focused in your approach – compare what you have with what you want or need

2. Start with any issues or carry out preparation work such as the electrics, ceiling lights, rewiring wall outlets, larger demolition work

3. Paint the ceiling or walls

4. Get any plumbing work fixed such as installing a sink, dishwasher, bath or toilet

5. Install appliances, any moldings or light fixtures

6. Lay your flooring

7. Finish with the trims


At the end of the day, the order will differ greatly from person to person, and there is no set way or order of carrying out a home renovation. To get you started, think about the basics and make a list of priorities. When you have a comprehensive (probably very long) list, sort it into aesthetic niceties, and the absolute essentials (aka the main safety issues). 

With a list, you can then begin detailed planning and seeking professional advice. When renovating a home, it is always important to consider maximising the existing space, boosting natural light and managing your current storage space.


What should you consider before renovating your home?

– Home renovations can be very expensive: have you saved enough? 

– Is there anything that could derail, disrupt or change your renovation plans?

– Are there any ideas that you could scale back on?

– What’s the most important elements you want to change in your home?

– What are your goals for this house?

– Why are you renovating: to sell the house, to stay in, or to sell for a higher price?

– How do you feel in your home currently? Are there parts which need fixing because they are unsafe, or do you just want to change it because it’s not your style or taste?

By asking yourself a few practical questions during the planning and ideas stage, it can help provide you with the answers you need in order to move forward with a successful renovation. Good luck!



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