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Everything You Need to Know About Barn Conversions

Many individuals living within major UK cities are relocating to the countryside in search of a simpler life. With the stresses and demands of daily modern life increasing, it’s not hard to see why many city dwellers are looking to uproot and seek out simpler pleasures life has to offer. One of these being the decision to move into a converted barn house.

Within a converted barn’s rustic stone walls, traditional timbering and the occasional thatched roof, many people can picture themselves living out an idyllic, simple rural life dream.


What is a barn conversion?

The conversion of a farm building into a habitable space for either commercial or residential use. A converted barn is an increasingly desirable piece of property to own or rent. With plenty of space, a rustic exterior and high ceilings, barn conversion is the combination of traditional and modern wonderfully blended together. If you like the idea of your home combining comfort with history, then a barn conversion can make the ideal choice for you.

If you’re not already convinced on the delights of purchasing a barn conversion and are still sat there wondering why you should buy one? Then picture this. For many of us, these rural outbuildings are something of an idyllic dream – we picture living in days of yore, with long summer days spent relaxing and surrounded by fields. We envisage cold winters cuddled up inside our barn with a hot chocolate, a fire blazing and an endless flow of episodes or film streaming on our TV. 


A brief history of barn conversions

The use of traditional farm buildings has been rapidly declining since the 1950s. Instead of leaving these large structures abandoned and left to nature to rot and decay, many of these have been and are converted into residential properties.

Due to advances in our building materials and methods, many modern barn conversions are much more energy-efficient than their earlier counterparts. With the popularity of open plan living spaces rising, it’s not difficult to see why barn conversions remain ever desirable and popular.


Key features of barn conversions:

  • Vaulted, high ceilings
  • Open plan living space
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • Height of rooms doubled
  • Impressive exterior
  • Often located in a beautiful rural location, accompanied by stunning views

Many modern barn conversions often have a number of contemporary features, such as mezzanine floors, underfloor heating and glazing.


Other types of converted property include:

  • Churches
  • Factories
  • Pubs
  • Water towers

As the need for their original use ceases to have a place in our modern world, these urban buildings are increasingly being converted into commercial or residential buildings and homes.


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